Pay Per Click Management

In today’s economy, pay per click advertising is crucial to many company’s survival. This advertising channel is extremely competitive and requires consistent monitoring, optimizing and reporting. We’ve been managing Google Adwords and Bing (back when they were MSN) since ’02.

PPC Consulting

Perhaps your company is not looking to outsource the management of your pay per click campaigns, but instead are in need of a PPC Consultant. We offer affordable, hourly consulting rates guaranteed to fit your budget. Contact us today for a quick evaluation and PPC Consulting proposal.

PPC Campaign Audit

If your PPC campaigns are currently being managed by an outside agency or even by an in-house team, but you need to make sure everything possible is being done to maximize the performance of your pay per click campaigns, then our PPC Campaign audits are ideal for your situation. We can almost always find ways to improve your campaigns.

Google Grants for Adwords

$10,000 a month in FREE targeted traffic! If your company is a non-profit Google Grants for Non-profits is for you. This program is tricky to navigate and difficult to obtain. That's where we come in. We're experienced in navigating the waters leading to Google Grant approval. Let us help you succeed in this amazing program offered by Google.

Display Network Advertising

We LOVE Google’s content network – aka. display network! While most agencies shy away from this mammoth resource, we mastered it! Let’s face it, have your keyword CPC’s increased in price over the years? Yes. Why? Competition and mismanagement. We could go on quite the rant on this one, but let us leave you with this … Display Network Advertising is a large ingredient to our secret sauce!

Google Retargeting - Remarketing

The terms remarketing and retargeting are synonymous. The complicated explanation on how this works is that by placing a snippet of Google code on all of your web pages, we can place a cookie on each individuals browser that allows Google to follow this user around the web and show them more ads about your company. The easy definition is we can remarket your site to familiar people and often see great results.

Landing Page Optimization

In the world of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), landing pages are key to increasing conversions. Whether you’re launching a new email marketing campaign, print, tv, radio and especially paid search initiative … Landing Page Optimization is crucial. We’ve consulted with and designed landing pages for companies on a global scale with impressive results.

Bonafide SEO Referrals

The owner of PPCE has been in the SEM Industry since ’02. Over the years, the connections he’s made in this business are incredible! While we don’t do SEO here at PPCE, we can provide you with an SEO Referral guaranteed you can trust. Whether you’re looking for an SEO Agency to do the work for you or an SEO Consultant, we can help.

About PPCE

PPCE is an acronym that originally stood for Pay Per Click Edge. Over the years as the owner / chief optmization specialist of PPCE mastered the craft of Pay Per Click Management and it soon changed to Pay Per Click Excellence. We're a small company wholly devoted to our clients success. See what our loyal clients say about us. Client Testimonials

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