PPCE's Privacy Policy

About PPCE.net

This is the privacy policy for CS Consulting Partners, Inc. Our homepage is on the web at http://wwww.ppce.net.

Data Collection

P3P policies declare the data they collect in groups (also referred to as "statements"). This policy contains 2 data groups. The data practices of each group will be explained separately. We collect personal information from our users for billing and tracking purposes. We collect data submitted by web browsers ( such as browser version and referrer) in order to help maintain our website and for marketing purposes. This data will be used by ourselves and our agents.

Method of Data Collection

The contact form on our contact us page is the sole method PPCE uses to collect your personal information. Users freely provide this data to us in exchange for information about our services. PPCE promises to never sell, rent, lease or giveaway your information.