Looking for a PPC Consultant

Perhaps your PPC campaigns don’t need full time management, but rather a boost to improve performance. This is where our paid search consulting service is ideal for your company.

For a low, hourly rate we can analyze, diagnose and formulate a strategy a fix for your PPC campaigns. We can then either provide you with the documentation on what you need to fix – fix it for you – or work with you to implement the changes.

We've performed at the consultant level to many companies - large and small - over the years with great success. The most impressive audit was for a nationally known insurance company (unfortunately we can't mention their name)that is spending over $5MM a month in Adwords. We identified 7 additional actions they could be taking in their Adwords account that, when implemented, provided favorable results within a few days.

While those large corporate clients are impressive to tout, we also love sharing success stories involving small businesses. Like this one from Amanada and Mark Shenstone from upstate New York.

Real - Client Testimonial from Amanda Shenstone -

After a couple of days of implementing the changes you provided from my consultation, my ad hits went way up, the CTR went way up, the cost per click went way down. I’m finally using my budget and the avg position is higher on the page. Business is better now!

Mark & Amanda ShenstoneOwners - GracefulGardens.com - (Read more client testimonials here.)


About PPCE

PPCE is an acronym that originally stood for Pay Per Click Edge. Over the years as the owner / chief optmization specialist of PPCE mastered the craft of Pay Per Click Management and it soon changed to Pay Per Click Excellence. We're a small company wholly devoted to our clients success. See what our loyal clients say about us. Client Testimonials

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