Real PPC Management Example

Managing pay per click accounts is complicated. And that’s putting it mildly. Over the past few years, Google and Bing have stepped up their game to give their advertisers every opportunity to advertise successfully. While this is great, it has created a complex system of multiple moving parts. So rather than typing out an impressive bullet list talking about "indepth strategies, account structure, day parting schedules, ad copy writing" etc. (because all that's a given), We'll show you an example of our work.

Below is a screen grab of a client's Adwords account 1 month before they came on board with

As you can see, they were doing a lot of things correctly, but were unable to scale the account to levels that would sustain their business.
First thing we did was have a conference call with the CEO, Marketing Director and their Website Designer. Looking through their site we devised a strategy we felt could be marketed effectively in Adwords. We wrote new ad copy and disccovered new keywords that are highly relevant to the client that they hadn't thought of before.

Below is a screen grab of the same account after 1 full month of PPCE's pay per click management service.

Key takeaways ... we improved the Click Thru Rate (CTR) dramatically resulting in 721 more clicks from only 42% of their past number of Impressions. This boosted the account's quality score to new heights resulting in higher ad postioning and slightly cheaper CPC's moving forward.. Also note the 317% increase in the number of conversions from 90 the month before to 286 at a cost per lead $3 cheaper than the month before.

Below is a screen grab of the same account after 4 full months of PPCE's paid search management service.

As we worked closely with this company providing Landing Page Optimization consultations, properly implemented Display Network campaigns, some Retargeting along with our "secret sauce" techniques we simply won't divulge on our website, the results are staggering.
Important takeaways from the 3 screen grabs on this page.

  • Click thru rates incrementally improved month after month. From 0.39% to 1.37%.
  • Avg CPC's only slightly increased. From $0.61 to $0.92.
  • Ad Spend (costs) were able to scale up to the company's monthly budget target.
  • Still maintaining top of page ad positioning.
  • Converted clicks (leads) increased from 90 to 805. That's an 894% increase.
  • Cost per conversions drastically reduced from $17.92 down to $8.00. That's a 56% reduction.
  • Conversion rates improved from 3.41% to 11.44%. That's an improvement of 335%.

The screen shots and stats you see on this page are 100% real and accurate. We'd love the opportunity to work with you and your company to produce results like these.
Reach out to us today. We'll have a conversation to see if our services are a good fit for your company. If so, a no obligation quote will be drafted for your review and hopeful acceptance.