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Excellent Company And Awesome Service
Clay really goes above and beyond the normal level of service provided by most PPC companies. He makes sure we get a personal touch with each contact. My Google presence and my Bing account have both benefited greatly from working with Clay. I highly recommend him and his company!

by Danny Newton Danny is the owner of Danny Newton State Farm Agency.

Paying Less And Getting More!
WOW! Clay has been an irreplaceable asset to my business marketing strategy. I was throwing money out the window trying to manage my own PPC campaign. Clay stepped in, assessed the situation, and immediately implemented effective and efficient solutions. I am now paying less for my campaign and getting more phone calls, emails, and new patients. I'm SO pleased with Clay and highly recommend him!

by Bethany Hauch Bethany is the owner of Acupuncture Associates.

Amazing Work
Besides doing an excellent job managing our PPC campaigns Clay has gone the extra mile providing us with brilliant ideas and suggestions that had helped us grew our business. Very pleased having found him.

by Pablo Caicedo Pablo is the owner of

Personal Touch
What sets PPCE apart from other companies is Clay. I appreciate his sincerity and dedication to the success of my business. I love that he is always available and always willing to help in any way he can. I've been extremely pleased and look forward to many years of working together.

by Vanessa Trevino Vanessa is the owner of

Master Of PPC
Clay is a master of PPC. With very little time and high expectations, he delivered excellent results. We rely on him to continue to optimize and grow our program.

by Alana Zamora Alana is a marketing director at

Best PPC Management Co Ever!
Since 2005 years, Clay's PPC Management expertise and strategic guidance has helped our school become the top ADD/ADHD boarding school in the nation. He is immersed in our business and continues to bring us new ideas that keep us ahead of our competition. We can not thank Clay enough for his responsiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. Thoughout our work together, Clay remains focused on improving our ROI, an issue that's vitally important to us in this highly competitive environment. If you're looking for the best PPC Management Company for your company, look no've found it!

by Anne Wick Anne is the CFO of

Great Service, Great Product
I have a small business and the help I have received getting new business through PPCE is worth every penny. Finally a company that offers a pay-per-click program that doesn't brake my bank.

by Handsome Floyd Todd is the owner of

Agency That Puts In The Time
Clay helped to bring our company's paid search campaign from a marketing engine barely breaking even to a ROI powerhouse. With their attention to detail on our account and management style we saw gains within a month and continued to see gains 2+ years later. We never felt like they stopped working for us! Thank you!

by Jon Moody Jon is the marketing director for

Life Saver
After going through a break up with my last SEM guy (because he was terrible), I sifted through google guy after google guy, and finally landed on Clay. I've been a happy customer ever since!! Clay works to help me and all of our 10 locations get more qualified leads, and helps us track it!

by Shanna Kane Shanna is the marketing director at

Great Work
PPCE is the real deal. Many companies talk a great Marketing and PPC game - Clay actually delivers!

by Mike Massey Mike's business is

Superman Of PPC
What most people don't know is that Clay has a big "S" on his chest - tap that power and you too can fly.

by Bob Misita Bob is the owner of

It’s hard to put into words my gratitude toward PPCE, so I’ll let the numbers speak. Previously we had several marketing firms attempt and fail to grow our business. Within 6 months of contacting PPCE our marketing grew by over 1,000% and our sales increased similarly (slightly better actually)! They literally grew our business so fast that I’m currently limiting their efforts to give us time to developed additional infrastructure. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation — hire the experts, get out of their way, and watch out for the prospect tsunami that is inevitable!


I am so glad I found, they have completely taken our SEM program to the next level. In the first 4 months of working with them we saw huge gains in lead volume, our cost per clicks dropped, and we were actually spending less per month. Our previous agency was focused on too many accounts at once and could not provide the results, but did! Not only did they reduce our costs but from their diligent optimization techniques we have expanded our campaigns into areas we previously did not see value and now are seeing HUGE value. That is the sign of a great company.


We have experienced a tremendous amount of success working with Clay Sinclair and PPCE. As our business has grown, our PPC account has grown into 1000’s of keywords and bids that need to be managed on a daily basis. We had previous worked with a large PPC agency before working with PPCE, and have since experienced a marked decrease in management costs, a significant decrease in CPC, and an overall increase in number of sales & revenue.


Please reduce the budget at Google and MSN until further notice. We are getting much more business than we can handle thanks in no small part to your efforts. I hope to have a new office this week and hire staff.


Within a few short weeks, PPCE was able to double our sales with only a 14% increase in our ad spend. But the most important and impressive feat in this venture has been their ability to harness and control our CPA targets to ensure our profitability.


The PPC reports, consistent contact and valuable phone consultations make this company easy to recommend to everyone that is in need of a professional pay per click management company.


After a couple of days of implementing the changes you provided from my consultation, my ad hits went way up, the CTR went way up, the cost per click went way down. I’m finally using my budget and the avg position is higher on the page. Business is better now!

Mark & Amanda

PPCE has done an amazing job getting our CPA’s down.


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PPCE is an acronym that originally stood for Pay Per Click Edge. Over the years as the owner / chief optmization specialist of PPCE mastered the craft of Pay Per Click Management and it soon changed to Pay Per Click Excellence. We're a small company wholly devoted to our clients success. See what our loyal clients say about us. Client Testimonials

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