Local Marketing with Adwords

Google has removed the paid search ads that used to populate the right hand side of the SERP (search engine result page) However, when your local campaign is set up properly, you can own the results page for your company. Even on broad terms!

Take a look at the graphic below. This is an actual PPCE client. Notice how on a broad term like acupuncture our client simply owns the results page. Also notice how much realestate this ad takes up on the page. FYI - CTR's and Conversions are through the roof!

Does this mean SEO is Dead?
Not at all … but it is more challenging which is why professional help is needed there as well.

Let’s face it … the Yellow Pages are dead and NOW is the time to get on the Local Internet Bandwagon! Radio, Television and Print ads are expensive and hard to track. So where does that leave you? That leaves you in our capable hands! Dominating local search results is where we thrive. Making sure your capturing that critical marketing radius around your brick and mortar business is crucial. Not only for the obvious “hot” keywords in your niche, but your competitor terms as well

Our local marketing services are affordable and aggressive! You’ll see positive results within 48hrs of hiring us.