Remarketing with Adwords

Retargeting, also known as "remarketing", is a form of advertising online designed to keep your brand in front of people that have already visited your website. Since an average of 1% to 2% of people convert on your site the very first visit (and the fact that you more than likely paid to get them there), retargeting is a great, inexpensive way to keep selling to a prospect that has already shown interest in your products or service.

There are many ways to tag your site, target your users and strategies to target various segments of your remarketing lists. For example … let’s assume you sell women’s clothing. A user comes to your site and buys a new pair of shoes. You don’t want to retarget this user with more shoe ads, but rather show this user handbags or blouses that go with those new shoes. Or let’s assume your company sells a software product / service / license. And that you offer a free trial with your software that allows the user to try the software for 30 days. In this scenario, it’d make sense to track users that opted in to the free trial and remarket ads to them enticing the final conversion step.

Tagging your site, setting up tag based and/or rule based audiences (that’s a specific user group depending on the action they took on your site) is tricky and therefore needs a solid strategy to back it up and make the results measurable.

So instead of relying on that initial hit to your site to generate a lead or a sale, take advantage of your marketing dollars already spent to acquire that user and nurture these users into clients.