Display Advertising with Adwords

Over the years we've mastered Google's Display network advertising program. If you're not certain what this is, the easy explanation is that through the Adwords platform we're able to place your company's ads on various websites that are relevant to your industry. This is typically done using text ads, image ads, flash ads and video ads.

The bottom line is we LOVE Google's dislay network. Take a look at the graphic below. This data represents the last 30 days of just one of our client's campaigns where we're using the Search with Dislpay Select setting. This client is in the business software space competing on a global scale.

Notice the success across every metrics in this graphic. Notable statistics to point out are the HUGE savings in the Avg CPC's. Now look at the "Converted Clicks" data. We're doubling the leads of that from the search side of this campaign.

Important to note as well that this client has a $200 CPA target that we're staying well under while driving massive amounts of qualified leads for their sales team to nurture into paid customers.

Ask yourself this question: Are Google Adwords Keywords on Search Becoming Too Expensive?
Fact: - CPC's across Google's display network are often 40% cheaper than CPC's on Google search. However, we often experience drastic CPC saving like the one you see in the graphic above.

Let's talk scalability. Google's display network receives over 6 billion ad impressions per day and it reaches over 80% of all internet users. If you're not taking advantage of this wonderful network you're simply hurting your business.

A word of caution - This marketing channel is a beast. It must be set up differently and managed independently from your search campaigns.
We're experts with display advertising! Contact us for more information on how we can make this vast resource work in your favor.